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How secure is your website?

by Tim Lawrence | May 21, 2020
The last few weeks have brought home some stark reminders on the importance of having a secure website with offsite backups.

We've recently encountered instances of hosting companies deleting customer accounts without warning, and have also observed a rising number of cyberattacks since the Covid 19 lockdown started.

The Dorchester IT team is committed to ensuring that all of our clients’ IT systems are properly secured and maintained – and websites are a natural extension of this. 
Therefore, we’re urging you to check in with your existing website developer or hosting provider to ensure your business websites are secure, with regular offsite backups. 

Here are some questions we've put together to help you determine how safe your website currently is:
• Does my website have a current backup?
• Is there a copy of the backup stored in a separate location from the current hosting provider?
• Does my website have a firewall or at least some basic protection against hackers?

For businesses who don't currently have a web developer, or for those having issues with their existing arrangements, our IT team would be happy to work with you to ensure your online assets are protected.

Please feel free to contact the team at Dorchester IT by phone on 1300 796 788 or email if you'd like any advice or assistance in securing your business website.
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