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10 Tips for Awesome Customer Service

by Clara Porritt (Inverell Office) | Jun 14, 2016
1. Show that you care. Whether you are on the phone or replying to an email, your main priority is doing everything that you can to help the customer

2. Offer your customer a positive and memorable experience. A happy customer will remember the great experience they had with your company and talk to others about it

3. Always be upbeat and helpful on the phone.  It’s easy to sound indifferent when you are really busy, but it’s important to not relay a perception of indifference to the client as this is the number one reason for people leaving their service providers

4. Ensure that you acknowledge customers as they walk through the door with a smile, even if you are not free to serve them right away

5. Keep eye contact to ensure the customer knows that you are listening

6. Repeat back the issue to the client to show you have listened and understood

7. Try to keep your language positive; ie “Will be available at…” instead of “not available”

8. Offer options if their request is not immediately possible or available; ie: work out a solution together

9. When having a conversation on the phone it’s important to provide feedback and empathy when someone is telling you a story such as “ok”, “sure”. It can also be as slight as “mmm” or “yes” just to show you are listening and understanding

10. Ensure that your actions, voice and body language are always saying “I am trying to do my best for you”
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