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The Australian Stock Exchange computer system outages

by Steven Jones | Nov 30, 2016
In mid-September the ASX suffered a major systems outage that caused the early closure of the market. The most serious in 5 years. The outage was blamed on a faulty disk in their datacenter and then a failure of the backup connections to the backup datacenter.

While the systems at the ASX are monitored and maintained by a dedicated group of engineers, this outage highlights to all businesses the importance of Disaster Recovery (DR) planning.   What are your business critical applications?  How long can your business function without these applications before the business starts to suffer?   What is your plan to get these critical applications and services back online?  These questions are the basis for DR planning and should be as important to a business as their business plans, marketing and budgeting. If the business loses vital functions then all other plans fall apart. 

Your DR plan should be maintained and updated along with your backup strategies.  These plans should be regularly tested and updated as your business changes.  It is recommended to perform test recoveries from your backups at least quarterly and run through your DR plan on an annual basis.  You do not want the first time you think about how critical an application or piece of data is to be when you realize it crashed or is not recoverable.

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