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Dorchester IT Blog

Helping with the Floods in Kingscliff

by Tim Lawrence | Jun 13, 2017

Cyclone Debbie brought a lot of chaotic weather to QLD and NSW and our office in Kingscliff was not exempt from it. While we are grateful we were close enough to the ocean to have missed all the flooding, it has affected our local Tweed community greatly, with one of our customers suffering a great personal loss. It ranged from wet feet to wet roofs and our own technician Nick was a foot from getting water through his house. A number of businesses didn’t fare so well.

We have a number of companies with their computers destroyed from water damage and electrical surges. Thankfully we were able to retrieve most of the customer’s data from backups, online storage and in few cases, sheer luck. In a number of these cases, new technology such as Solid State drives definitely saved the day as they are based on chips and don’t have any moving parts. Older mechanical drives were water logged and the data unrecoverable.

We are offering our Tweed/Gold Coast customers affected by Cyclone Debbie discounted parts and labour as well as long payment terms to try and help recover from the floods. If you are concerned about your organization’s data recovery settings, please call us on 1300 796 7888.

(Instagram: @thom_the_washed_up_photog)