IT consultancy

IT is an important enabler in any business growth.

It can transform a business’s capabilities, underpin innovation or drive efficiency and productivity. It can make a big impact on your profitability.

Yet too often, it is left as an afterthought.

To maximise the impact of what IT can bring to the table, the earlier you bring it into your business planning the better.

To help businesses with that, Dorchester IT offers several IT consulting services.

Virtual chief information officer

As your virtual chief information officer, a senior Dorchester IT consultant will become an advisor to your executive team. They can help set the IT strategy and roadmaps that will underpin your growth plans for the next three to five years.

They can then guide your own internal IT support or outsourced IT team to drive the strategic action plans and negotiate with external technology suppliers. They can also make sure your business transformation projects are delivered on time and on budget.

The potential savings and benefits are huge. About 80% of IT projects fail to deliver their intended benefits and run over time and exceed budget.

There are two main reasons for this: the people driving the technology piece lack commercial and operational acumen, and the project planning methodologies are poor.

Our senior consultants have all worked in business and understand what makes projects succeed.

IT disaster recovery

In the event of an IT disaster, your business stops. Your people grind to a halt, and frustrated customers demand answers. All the while, money is gushing down the drain.

Our IT disaster recovery services create a proactive plan that is executed in the very unlikely – but expensive – event of a large hardware failure or catastrophe. We ensure your business is back up and running asap.

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