Cyber security and risk management

Cybersecurity is THE ever-present technology risk.

Cyber criminals are relentless: they’re on the prowl 24/7 to steal your customer data and hold it to ransom or to defraud your business of your money.

Your business is 23 times more likely to be hacked than have a fire, yet most business owners ignore cyber risk management and insure against fire. Weird.

Security and risk management gives reassurance to:

  • your customers – that their private data is safe
  • your business stakeholders – professional bodies, finance partners, regulatory bodies – that you meet their cybersecurity requirements
  • your accreditation body – that you are compliant with their protocols
  • yourself – peace of mind that you have things in order

At Dorchester IT, we have expertise in building and maintaining secure technology networks.

How we can help

  • Our proactive ITSM Protect program provides the best starting point for cybersecurity and risk management for most businesses.

    For business or organisations with more involved cybersecurity requirements, we can develop and implement your chosen or mandated security standards.

  • Your people are one of the biggest risks you have. An accidental click on the wrong link, and you could be in trouble.

    We can provide cybersecurity training for your people. A monthly 15 minute training on the very latest cyber scams and how to recognise them.

  • The cloud is not secure – it is just another IT environment. You still need robust cybersecurity protocols to protect your customer and business data.
At Dorchester IT, we act as your advisors. We can design and implement best practice cybersecurity protocols and provide the security risk management and governance that your stakeholders want from you.

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