IT support for business

Your technology comprises a chain of interconnected networks, devices and the software that runs them.

Together, they keep your business humming, your people productive and efficient and your customers happy.

What’s important to the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure is that you have the right and most cost-effective solution to meet your business needs – and the IT support and services to look after it.

We offer IT support in different areas:

Server support

Servers power your applications and store your critical data. Choosing the right one for your business is important, and irrespective of whether your server is on the premises or in the cloud, it still needs IT maintenance and service. The excellence of our server support and monitoring systems maximises uptime. This one of the reasons many of our clients have chosen to retain on-premise servers and to avoid the outages suffered by others.

Many of these same systems allow us to monitor cloud workloads.


Modern IT environments have grown evermore reliant on efficient and secure networks. Their effectiveness and security features are key factors in your business productivity and the protection of your information.

Dorchester IT consultants have networked thousands of different businesses across Australia. We have expertise in designing and supporting the network best suited to your business and its assets.

Backup and storage

More than 70% of businesses that lose their business information close within six months. Your information is critical to the operation of your business, and it is vital that if it is lost, it can be restored fast.

The big myth buster: even if you are using the cloud, your information still needs to be backed up somewhere else.

The key with backup and storage are to get the design right and then to monitor and maintain them. Our program Managed IT Services (ITSM) monitors the systems that keep your data safe.

Managed internet and wireless networks

Reliable internet connections and robust wireless networks are fundamental. They connect your business to cloud-based software and your customers and keep your people working.

IT procurement

Our focus is on getting the right computers and hardware for your needs – and the right software that is correctly licensed. Mistakes can cost you time, affect your performance and result in you paying unnecessary licensing fees.

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