Software development

Software development to drive business efficiency

Software is the engine that powers huge shift in people’s productivity and capabilities.

At Dorchester IT, we provide custom software development in several different areas.

At Dorchester IT, we provide custom software development in several different areas.

Software applications integration

Many businesses run different software applications across their different business units. Typically, this leads to information silos, and getting the different applications to talk to one another is hard.

Too often businesses resort to manual double handling of data with the associated risks of error and costs.

Investing in software integration eliminates those risks and automates the flow of information across your business. The real win: a one-off investment that gives you a permanent lift in productivity and better quality real-time business information.

Custom application development

We have a team of highly capable software developers who can create custom software for your business problem.

Here’s just one story to showcase what we can do.

A cotton gin in southern Queensland relied on manual data entry and then had to manipulate different data variables into spreadsheets to drive production schedules, customer contacts and transport logistics. Getting it right had large implications for the profitability, or otherwise, of the business.

In just three weeks, we developed software that automated their weekly process and cut it down from 725 minutes to just 30 without any data errors or need for double checking.

The investment paid for itself within 12 months.


Often overlooked, automation can give you huge productivity lifts. Any repetitive clerical tasks that people do manually can be automated. This will free them up to focus on the higher value tasks your business needs.

Microsoft SharePoint solutions

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful document storage and collaborative platform for your business and people. Fully customisable, it can also feature your inhouse social media platform and business process automation and workflows.

Website development

We are adept in developing WordPress websites and can provide ongoing support and hosting.

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