IT management services

The days of set-and-forget IT systems are over.

The IT world is too fast-paced, and cyber criminals are on the prowl 24/7.

Eager to steal your customer data, they will defraud you of your money and hold you to ransom.

Dorchester IT’s managed IT services focus on the core vulnerabilities in your business.

  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities – of your business assets and private customer data.
  • Backups of your business information – lose them and you’ll probably be out of business.
  • The health of your networks and systems – the backbone of your entire technology. infrastructure, without which your security protocols will be at risk.
  • User management – safeguarding against business-ending accidents your people might make.

ITSM: IT Standards Maintenance

The ITSM program is our signature IT maintenance service.

A proactive monitor-and-maintenance program, it ensures your IT systems are up to date, healthy and secure.

Outsourcing your IT management frees you up to focus on your business and keeps your other business stakeholders reassured.

The ITSM program comprises two parts:

ITSM Audit

We identify any vulnerabilities across your IT systems that need to be addressed for protection and efficiency in line with the most current IT management standards.

We develop a comprehensive report of your IT systems, including detailed findings and recommendations.*

* Some businesses use our ITSM Audit as a second opinion and to make sure that their IT systems are up to scratch, that is, stable, healthy and protected. It gives them peace of mind that everything is OK, and if not, we provide clear recommendations about how to fix that.

ITSM Protect

The ITSM Protect program provides constant oversight of your IT systems. To keep your cyber security up to date, your systems healthy and safeguard your business and customer data.

There are two levels of comfort:

  • Monitor

    constant surveillance of the essential parts of your IT infrastructure. Spotting risks and issues before they become critical.

  • Maintenance

    a proactive service that includes and builds on Monitor. To keep your IT up to date and fix identified risks. Protecting your data.

I was shocked

The ITSM Audit itself was very thorough. But I was shocked at how far we were behind on so many things. It was an eye opener to learn about the things we didn’t know or were unaware of.

David Traynor
Regional Finance

Custom managed services

Pricing to suit you.

Unlike other IT service providers, Dorchester does not compel a service contract or fixed monthly prices. We design the service to suit your business needs and agree service standards and a pricing regime that suits you. Some clients prefer the predictability of a fixed fee to better manage their cash flows. Others prefer time and materials. You choose.

What some of our clients say